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#GFB DV+ T9352 Blow off Valves / Diverter Valves for MINI PEUGEOT CITOROEN 1.6T ディバーターバルブ 強化 キット

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Best much parts for #HighSpark Ignitioncoils HIGHSPARK IGNITIONCOIL JAPAN™ Tested & Recommended selection #GFB DV+ T9352 https://youtu.be/3EgXspDfI08 Compatible(適合車種) MINI R55/56/57 COOPER S 1.6T (N14 Engine Only)  PEUGEOT 207/307/308 GT 1.6T  CITROEN DS3 1.6T  Compatible(適合品番) T9352 Item description(商品詳細) HighSparkイグニッションコイルとベストマッチなGFBバルブです。様々なメーカーのバルブをテストした中で最適かつ高性能なGFB社製を厳選致しました。 GFB DV+シリーズに新たにMINI R55/56/57 COOPER S (N14 Engine Only) , PEUGEOT 207/307/308 GT 1.6T , CITROEN DS3 1.6Tに対応した<DV+T9352>ディバーターバルブ強化キットがリリースされました。 DV+T9352 は、DV+ T9351と同じくトリガー部分に純正ディバーターバルブを使い、弱いバルブ部分を金属製のピストンバルブへ強化致します。更にDV+T9352へ交換する事でディバーターバルブの応答速度が高まり、レスポンスアップなどのパフォーマンスアップが期待できます。特にコンピューターチューニングをされているお車へはオススメ出来ます。キット内容も非常にシンプルで取付に必要とする時間も短縮されます。更にはシリコンホースなどの配管が必要ないので圧力のかかるホース部分などからのエアリークの心配も御座いません。 Installation(正規販売店様 取付実績) http://majiblue.jp/blog/?s=GFB Introducing the new DV+ for Mini, Citroën and Peugeot applications. GFB’S DV+ SOLUTION COULDN’T BE SIMPLER - KEEP WHAT WORKS AND REPLACE WHAT DOESN’T. •Uses factory solenoid coil for seamless integration •Replaces plastic valve parts with metal for reliability and strength on chipped engines •Direct-fit replacement with GFB’s TMS benefits •Exclusive “pilot-actuated” valve mechanism for rapid response at high boost GFB expands the DV+ range with a direct-fit solution for the weak factory diverter valve used on many European vehicles. The solenoid coil itself from the factory-fitted valve is great- the ECU opens it faster than any pneumatic valve so why replace it? The weak point however, is the valve mechanism itself. GFB’s DV+ solves this problem by replacing the valve parts with an anodised billet aluminium housing, fitted with a brass piston machined to exacting tolerances. t9352-2The end result is sharper throttle response, lightning-fast valve actuation, and it will hold as much boost as you can throw at it. Read all about the DV+ story below. Other manufacturers’ products involve replacing the entire system with a traditional pneumatic valve. This approach requires long vacuum hose runs, additional parts for tapping into the intake manifold vacuum, plus a different solenoid valve to actuate the pneumatic valve, or a ballast resistor to plug into the OE wiring loom. All these additional items result in a product that is slower, less responsive, more expensive and takes much longer to install. GFB’s DV+ solution on the other hand is more responsive, less expensive, easier to install, and doesn’t cause compressor surge/ turbo flutter. Oh, and it doesn’t require different springs or frequent re-builds either. GET BETTER PERFORMANCE, FASTER BOOST RECOVERY AND DON’T PAY FOR WHAT YOU DON’T NEED!